Vim Mode for macOS.

The mode you love in your favorite editor,

now in your favorite OS.

Any input field can be your playground  ❤️

kindaVim leverages the macOS Accessibility API to act like a screen reader. And because with great power comes great responsibility, it brings you Vim moves everywhere!

For kV to be able to do its magic, apps need to implement the macOS Accessibility on their side. But be not afraid, this comes by default in most native apps. Those include: Xcode, iA Writer, Day One, Things, Safari, Notes and many more.

Fallback mode. We always catch you.

If an app doesn't implement the macOS Accessibility, all is not lost. kV will impersonate Vim by remapping key presses. May not be as accurate as the Accessibility, but in most cases it gets the job done.

Dropdowns. Lists. Menus. You name it.

Imagine a world where you can only use Vim in text inputs. Well, we're not going to let that happen.

Just use your Vim moves anywhere it makes sense to you: go down the Google suggestions box, select emails and delete them, move around menus and UI elements, rewind a movie, up the volume. And it even works with counts. Where you wished you could use Vim moves, you now probably can.

Enter Normal Mode the way you deserve 💫️

You can use `esc` to enter Normal Mode, just like Vim! To then send the `esc` key to macOS for when you need it, you can use the kV's built-in double escape or choose a modifier in the Preferences, like Command-Esc.

Or if `esc` is not your thing, enter with a customizable two-letters sequence like `jk`, or set your own custom shortcut like `Control-[`. Anything is possible!

See how well you're Viming!

Show your current Vim move. Or Vim mode. Above the current window. Or above the current input. Or wherever you decide.

You can also choose your favorite size. And if you'd rather stay minimalist, you can make the Characters Window disappear altogether.


Highlight the window currently Viming. So that you never get lost again.

See if the apps you use are supported. Request if not.

kindaVim intends to add Vim moves to any app under macOS but the implementations of those apps themselves vary: native, Electron—different versions of the framework, text readable, text writable, correct Accessibility data, key mapping override, etc. The Wizard™ gives you insights about how to get the best kindaVim experience with your apps.

And if your app is not recognized, just request it with the click of a button. We'll investigate, and update our App Catalog accordingly. It's 2022, no app should be denied the right to be Viming.

Moves. Commands. And maybe more?

Each single move is built from scratch, handcrafted. This is to ensure that we have the deepest integration possible with the various APIs of macOS, and therefore that the moves are as accurate as possible. It's not a port of Vim with Vim's buffer, it's Vim rewritten for macOS, with macOS' buffer.

Even though a great number of moves are already implemented, you may find some of yours missing. If this is the case, just request them. New moves are being added constantly.

I'm kindaVim

Unlimited trial.

The trial is full-featured and there's no expiry date, but without a subscription kindaVim gets lazy and sleeps in the mornings.

If you don't need it in the mornings then you're good to go! Else you may consider subscribing for the price of one coffee a month (USD$3.28 excl. tax) to keep kindaVim awake 24/7.